The Nonconformist Bookclub

Book Review

Do you have something in your life that you just love and love the fact that it exists? Something that you created or collaborated with other people to create?

That’s what book club is for me.


A few years ago, my friends and I wanted to encourage each other to read more and find reasons to get together more often. We attempted a book club by choosing a book for all of us to read and then getting together to discuss it. However, when we got together, one of us would have read it, half or not at all. We discovered that we have different tastes that others did not enjoy as much.

So, we came up with a different model: everyone picks their own book to read and then comes to book club with a book review of their choice. This has 1) encouraged people to actually read and 2) has opened it up for other girls to join in without having to catch up to a certain book.

Part two of our book club that it is also a breakfast club. Every month, we try a new spot to have book club in order to explore the awesome places in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Here are some of our favorite Book Club Spots:

Aster Café – This is a personal favorite due to its magical evening atmosphere on the patio or cozy breakfast inside listening to live local bands.

Nina’s Coffee Café
– This was a favorite because of the fantastic meeting we had that day. The place was especially bustling, the coffee was especially good and the conversation was especially sweet. Nothing like giddy girl talk and of course…books!

Spyhouse Coffee – We went to the location in NE which is an especially happening place. Check out their Mexican Mocha – sweet and spicy join together. Yum!

Wilde Roast Café – We met Santa, had a Christmas book/gift exchange and a delicious breakfast among Oscar Wilde’s favorite décor: peacocks and fancy furniture.

Muddy Waters Café – Here is where we compared the Elvis breakfast to the one at Aster: Muddy Waters won. This place is especially cool because they serve their coffee in beer glasses. Love.

Kenwood Café – We concluded that this would be an American inspired café that we would find in France due to the French accented waiter, the high walls and décor and oh yeah, the amazing food.

Comment with your favorite bookclub/breakfast Spot!

Happy Reading!


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