In Regards to Fashion



What fashion blogs do you follow? What celebrity’s style do you model your wardrobe after? What runway trends are you looking forward to this spring?

Fashion Show

The Show, Minneapolis, MN


I had to make up an answer to these questions at an interview for a boutique I wanted to work at. All I wanted to do was look cute in a chick store and fold clothes but these people wanted to see if I lived and breathed fashion. I thought I did but I guess I don’t. Not in the same way.

I became mildly insecure afterwords thinking that I don’t know what I like or I need to hold to a certain person or designer to find my clothing identity. How backwards though. Fashion is supposed to be so subjective and unique but these people wanted to see whose style I hold to for inspiration.

Honestly, I wanted to say that Pinterest is my fashion blog I follow. Come on, am I right?

I consider myself a fashionista but not in the way runway would. First of all, I can’t afford to chase after styles and clothes that are new and cutting edge. My style is inspired by a lack of resources. And I like it that way.

Envision fashion show in Minneapolis, MN

Envision fashion show in Minneapolis, MN

I just found out today that I did not get the job…and I’m relieved. My body image, thank God, is something that I do not struggle with but upon leaving the interview, my confidence was a little shaken. I’m glad that I won’t be in an environment that strongly feeds on people’s physical insecurities. One reason that I love my style is that it’s uniquely mine. I get clothes from second-hand stores or hand-me-downs from my roommates and then I get creative with mixing and matching outfits.

Not that shopping at stores for prearranged outfits is less-best but I’m glad that my financial position, or simply spending habits allow me creativity in how I dress. What are my favorite clothing brands? Who cares. I’m thankful for the body I have and the style that is not like a celebrity or most recent clothing line. Physical appearance is probably one of the biggest insecurities that woman face in this ridiculous culture. It’s the one I can do without.

Disclaimer: I DO love fashion and I think that it is a fantastic art. I thoroughly enjoy going to fashion shows and shopping at a range of full priced clothing stores. I just never want it to define me or make me feel inferior to anyone. I celebrate fashion as a product of talent and new ideas for my OWN style.


One thought on “In Regards to Fashion

  1. Totally on the same page as you with this 🙂 I LOVE fashion but the fashion world wouldn’t believe it (though I’m pretty good with designers now I have watched the Rachel Zoe Project about 4 times and am always on Outfit ID even though I don’t own any designer clothes haha)

    Sam xx


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