What Is Your Ideal Job?


I love this question. I hate not having an answer to it.

Tonight I had an interview at a boutique store near my house. It was awful. Mostly because of my lack of planning but some questions I did not expect, like “What is a pet peeve you have?” It was almost as bad as “What is your greatest weakness?” although I was prepared for that one since I fear it so much. That question, again, is why I’m writing this blog: to find answers! If I don’t know where I’m going, I’ll never get there, right? In order to make myself feel like I’m just a little bit closer to finding that answer, I am going to research some top marketing positions. I’ll be right back…

Here’s What I Learned:

I found a huge, extensive list of marketing positions all across the board at this website, Paladin, a job search engine. Here are a list of ideas

Graphic Designer
Web Designer
Project Manager
Marketing Manager
Creative Director
Chief Marketing Officer
Agency Account Coordinator
Account Executive
Account Planner
Brand Manager
Communications Manager
Public Relations Manager

Click HERE to read full job descriptions

The ones that caught my eye were

For 1-2 years from now:
Marketing Administrative Assistant/Event Planner: Responsible for general office duties: batch mailings, organizing, ordering supplies, task management, prepare reports and powerpoints. Plan company and marketing events.

For up to 3-7 years from now:
Marketing Project Manager: The individual responsible for the direction of analyzing industry results, benchmarking, developing product and pricing. Manages communication with advertising and marketing campaign departments.

I am open to new opportunities to learn as they come along, but at least now I have an answer for the question as well as a new resource to refer to if I change my mind.


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