Informational Interview Q’s


Learning by oneself gets lonely and one-sided. Informational interviews are so much fun and really, one of the best ways to learn; through someone else’s experience. Here is a template of questions that may change from person to person but here’s a start:

1) What is your job title?
2) What is your favorite part of your job?
3) What college(s) did you go to?
4) How did you get into this field?
5) Do you have an ethical principle/theory that inspires you?
6) How do you stay current in your industry knowledge?
7) What is the corporate culture like?
8) How transient are job positions in the industry? Do people move around a lot?
9) What is the most attractive trait in a business person?
10) Do you believe in strengthening weaknesses or strengths?
11) What is a mistake you would encourage young professionals to avoid?
12) What is the best advice to someone who has just graduated college?
13) What are your thoughts on MBA degrees?
14) What is the best way to network in this field?
15) Could you refer me to someone else in this field?

What other questions would YOU ask a professional in your field?


2 thoughts on “Informational Interview Q’s

  1. Great questions! There are a few others I might ask aswell (that are a bit more about the interviewee’s experience) such as:

    – what has been the biggest setback that you’ve overcome in your career?
    – what has been your proudest moment?

    They’re the kind of questions they ask the interviewees on entrepreneurship podcasts (which I LOVE) and they usually bring up some really interesting stuff 🙂

    Sam xx


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