What is PPC?


As mentioned in my What is SEC? post, my next question is

What does PPC mean stand for?
Price Per Click

What is the scientific definition?

Pay per click or cost per click refers to the action that directs traffic to websites. In magazines, ads are displayed and if the viewer is interested in the product or service, they call or go to the website for more information. Online, when a viewer wants to click an ad for more information, they are brought to the company website. That click costs the company who being advertised. When an ad is clicks on Facebook, that company is charged a cost per click now owed to Facebook.

Still Fuzzy? Facebook is a huge outlet of PPC advertising. Here is a thorough breakdown provided by Facebook of how a business would set up their paid advertising based on their marketing needs.

What I learned:

-The company advertising on Facebook (or other ad providers) can decide where that click will take the viewer: a website, their Facebook page, apps or events.

-When choosing a bid type a company must examine their objectives for their their business page. The cost of PPC advertising depends on how many views, clicks to view, and views that lead to action such as likes or clicking on links is desired. While some companies offer information about their services, thus wanting more viewing options, some might offer links to purchase items or obtain coupons which they will want to adjust their bid.

Stay tuned for “What is SEM?”


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