Networking 101


What have I been learning about Networking?

-It is not something that I am good at…yet.

-Some people love to help others, while others would prefer to ignore them. It helps grow a thick skin. I’m learning to move on and not take it personally.

-I feel like it is a way to approach equal playing fields in the business world. Just as much as I, on the starting end must not burn bridges with people who I do not think will benefit me later, the people who I reach out to now may, one day, become my competition and I may or may not have a good professional experience with them based on our experience now.

-It inspires me to help those who I can, now and in the future. It is humbling to reach out but it gives a sort of adrenaline rush when it works out. You just want to see how far one single contact will go.


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