Interview Tip: Good Question


Upon the increase of the interviews I’ve been a part of lately, I discovered that I have had a change of attitude. I used to think of interviews like they felt: an interrogation. I realized that it is just as much as an interview of them and their company as it is of me. As confidence grew, so did my curiosity. When interviewers ask, “Do you have any questions for us?’ I did! Not because I googled “What to ask in an interview.” but because I actually wanted to know if their company would be a good fit for me.

My questions became more personal and genuine:

Because I want to find a company that encourages professional growth, preferably academic:
-What opportunities does your company offer for professional growth (academic, classes, certifications)?
-Does your company encourage their workers to move up to higher positions?
-How long does someone need to remain in a position before moving up?

Because social responsibility is important to me:
-What kind of outreach projects is your company a part of?

Because work culture is important to me:
-What is your favorite thing about working here?
-What is the culture like?
-What is something you do not enjoy by working here?

Discover what YOU want in your job and define it. The interview should be about what you want in your career. If you express specific ideas, it can help them see more clearly if you are a good match for both you and them.

Good luck!


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